Turkish Convenience Store

With the understanding that time is of the essence, the Turkish convenience store serves to ensure your shopping experience, be it a quick bite to eat or a pick of the large assortment of alcohol carried here, is as quick as possible while remaining efficient. Being open night and day allows you to pick up those essentials whenever you may need them so you can put the panic of going without at bay.

‘Service with a smile’ is key at this multipurpose store guaranteeing all customers feel respected and welcomed the by friendly, professional staff that are willing and ready to help at any time. With you as the priority, the Turkish convenience store does everything to make sure your purchase is hassle free and speedy.

Additionally, the array of different countries commodities sold here may open your eyes to various cultural backgrounds offering a different shopping experience as well as providing a taste of home for a lot of people. With an obvious emphasis on the Turkish culture, a lot of products are of that nature and if you choose to purchase something from that selection you might find yourself surprised by the quality of an alternative item. While the importance of cultural diversity remains, the Turkish convenience store is just that, at your convenience and will continue to be your favourite, typical off licence.

Such excellent customer service and fantastic quality doesn’t compromise price as all prices are kept low and fair at this store that is driven by happy, smiling customers.



Address:35 Smallbrook Queensway, B5 4HQ

Tel: 0121 663 0999

Web: http://www.rodroj.co.uk/shop/citycentre-turkish-convenience-store/

Opening Times

7.00 am until late every day