Southside is home to an array of bakeries and cafes which are all filled with fluffy buns, sponge cakes and delectable pastries. We’ve rounded up some of the best sweet treats in the district for you to enjoy…

Egg Tart

Commonly found in Chinese bakeries and supermarkets, these small tarts are a baked treat consisting of an egg custard baked in a flaky puff pastry or a short crust pastry. Inspired by its British counterparts, the Chinese variation is lighter, made with more eggs and less creamy than British egg tarts. A popular dim sum dish, these can also be ordered at any of the dim sum restaurants in Southside to finish off your meal.

Pineapple bun

Don’t be fooled by the name, there’s actually no pineapple involved in these buns. Known as one of the most iconic and traditional baked goods in Hong Kong and traditionally served warm with a thick slab of butter, the pineapple bun takes its name from its cracked pastry crust. Often eaten as a breakfast food, the buns are usually baked without any filling, but variations such as coconut butter or char siu pork (Chinese barbequed pork) are also avaliable.

Cocktail bun

Also known as a ‘coconut bun’, this light dough is filled with a buttery, shredded coconut filling. The bread itself is slightly sweet, with a name derived from how the buns were invented – the first baker to make them allegedly ground up leftover bits of bread, with a few other ingredients such as sugar and fresh dough to create a ‘cocktail’ of ingredients.

Hot dog bun

Loved by children and adults alike, these light and fluffy buns are wrapped around a single Frankfurter sausage. The contrast between the savoury hot dog and the sweet bun makes it a tasty favourite and a great on-the-go snack.

Chinese Swiss roll
Pastel, Matcha, Fresa, Crema, Postre, Gastrónomo

Whether you’re buying it by the slice, or sharing a large roll with the whole family, the Chinese swiss roll is a must-try. Consisting of a slightly sweet, light chiffon sponge complemented by a thin layer of whipped cream, this delicious dessert comes in a variety of flavours including chocolate, pandan, coffee and more.

Visit Caffe Chino, Hey Sugar Bakery or China Court Bakery for traditional baked goods, or Happy Lemon and Feng Cha for East-Asian cakes and drinks.

Featured image: Caffe Chino