Michelin-star chef, Brad Carter, reveals his love for Chinatown Birmingham, and the traditional dishes that have influenced his own cooking along the way.

Having started his career as a kitchen porter in his local pub, Brad Carter’s journey to becoming a Michelin-star chef stemmed from a love of late night working hours and the fast-paced nature of the kitchen environment.

After developing his skills at University College Birmingham, and working at an array of highly acclaimed fine dining restaurants all over the world, he went on to open his own restaurant, Carters of Moseley, in 2010. Just five years later, he received a Michelin star, and he’s never looked back:

“I love the open creative space a kitchen offers, as opposed to being sat facing a blackboard. I don’t get on with that. I’ve always been creative and the kitchen feeds me that. People always told me that keeping a star is the most difficult part and it’s true. The dedication to the restaurant & staying consistent is the biggest challenge, but one that I relish – I have an active mind & like to be busy.”

And although he spends most of his time dedicated to cooking up a storm at Carters of Moseley, Brad explains how he draws inspiration from cuisines, ingredients and traditional techniques from other cultures, with Chinatown Birmingham being one of his favourite places to explore:

“I just love the food. I love the skill and textures, and I always find new flavours which I haven’t had or seen before. It’s very different to what I create, so it inspires me. Chinatown has definitely influenced my cooking. Although, I wouldn’t just do a dim sum as such. Eating Cantonese food has made me question the different tastes and how I deliver my food. I think it’s cool to be influenced by things you love.”

Since his time working in the industry, Brad highlights how the dining scene in Birmingham has changed drastically, and continues to get bigger and better.

“Back when I left college in 2001 you could count on one hand the places that had nice food in the Midlands. Now, we have everything from street food to five Michelin stars. Not only is it good for consumers, it’s also great for young people breaking into the industry, as there’s far more choice.”

Check out Brad Carter’s top Chinatown picks below!

Ken Ho, Hurst Street

“Best Dim Sum in my opinion,amazing ingredients – this is my favourite restaurant in Birmingham.”

Peach Garden & LookIn, both Ladywell Walk

“Best Cantonese roast meats.The duck & suckling pig with rice is pound-for-pound the best plate of food in Brum!”

Dezhou Style Braised Chicken, The Arcadian

“I love the hand pulled noodles & the passion from the husband & wife team – their cold braised five-spice chicken is a speciality.”

The debut book ‘Staff’ by Brad Carter is out now – click here to find out more.