In Parliament on Monday 11th May, Boris Johnson outlined the government’s phased approach to easing lockdown.

In the announcement, the Prime Minister stated that from Wednesday 13th May, those who are unable to work from home should be ‘actively encouraged’ to go back to work, with a particular focus on manufacturing and construction.

The second phase, which could begin on Monday 1st June (at the earliest), would see primary schools re-open for some year groups, plus some non-essential retailers would be allowed to resume trading.

The third phase would then see the reopening of some hospitality venues, hairdressers and public spaces, including places of worship, but no earlier than Saturday 4th July and only with social distancing measures in place.

The government has conceded that pubs and nightclubs that are unable to implement social distancing, are unlikely to open fully before autumn.

The latest guidance includes the measures employers must implement to minimise the risk of infection in the workplace and covers the below businesses:

  • Shops and branches
  • Construction and outside work
  • Offices and call centres
  • Restaurants offering takeaway and delivery
  • Factories, plans and warehouses
  • In and from a vehicle
  • Laboratories and research facilities
  • In homes

All of the above businesses looking to resume work must:

  • Carry out a Covid-19 Risk Assessment, details will be available on the Health and Safety Executive website
  • Either implement social distancing or use PPE where distancing is impossible, while also implementing hygiene measures and/or new shift patterns – it’s vital that businesses demonstrate they are doing everything within their power to keep employees safe at work
  • Display a five-point government notice or declaration in the workplace stating they have undertaken a risk assessment and are taking steps to protect their workforce
  • Businesses are also still expected to encourage people to work from home, who are able to do so

The full government guidance about working safely can be found here.

Businesses listed here must still remain closed until government advice changes.