Equipped with litter picking tools and high-vis jackets, a team of 12 volunteers from Southside businesses have been sweeping up the district, helping the BID team to clean up the local area.

Staff from Chung Ying, Holiday Inn and Amey joined Southside BID manager Julia Robinson and the wardens to fill a dozen bags with loose litter, clean up road signs and benches, and help to safely remove larger or more hazardous items from the streets.

The Southside BID encompasses the area around Birmingham Hippodrome and the Alexandra Theatre, Hurt Street and Bristol Street, the Chinese Quarter and the Gay Village. The litter pick was one of several planned initiatives to address concerns raised to the BID team by levy payers.

Julia Robinson, manager of Southside BID, said: “Making the area cleaner, safer and more appealing is in the interest of everyone in the city. When we asked board members and local businesses to help out with a litter pick, we were delighted when so many said they’d take time out of their working days to join us.

“We want to tackle issues that really matter to our community, and through our wardens, staff and the kind assistance of volunteers, we’re on our way to making noticeable and positive changes to Southside.”

James Wong, managing director of Chung Ying Restaurant Group, said: “When events like this are organised by the BID, it’s vital that all businesses try and help out, as it directly benefits all of us. It was great to meet others in the area, and we could see a genuine difference when we had finished.”

Following the success of the activity, the team will be organising more litter picks in the near future, and would love to have more volunteers involved. If it is of interest, feel free to contact Zab Hussain in the BID Office on 0121 643 3720

For more information on upcoming events and goings on in Southside, @EnjoySouthside on Twitter.